Welcome to Wadena Alliance Church!

We invite you to be our guest at Wadena Alliance Church. It is our privilege to be able to meet new people and welcome them to our church. Wadena Alliance Church has sought to be a welcoming place and a light in our community for 90 years. My hope is that you feel welcomed and at ease during your time here.

Whether or not you come again, we pray that you will know the love of God through Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to become better followers of Jesus every day. So, we gather on Sundays to study the Bible together, worship God together and support each other as we go through the ups and downs of this life. We gather each week so that when we all go out to our individual lives we will do so knowing that we are never alone because in Jesus Christ. God is with us always, and as brothers and sisters in Christ we have friends to walk with us in good times and bad. God Bless you!